Zend Studio

Zend Studio 13.6

Develop and debug PHP code, and cross-platform mobile apps

ZendStudio is ZDE (Zend Development Environment) which installs PHP version 4 or 5 and associates itself to different php extensions to allow advanced editing of your PHP files. The reason behind installing its own PHP is to provide a developer with advanced debugging ability including starting/pausing/stopping the execution of PHP applications from within the program and directly see the results and debugging information. ZendStudio has an advanced state-of-art editor that has a lot of interesting features. One of the greatest features is the auto-completion which saves a lot of time while writing php scripts; another feature is the color coding of different parts of a script making it easy to read and to understand. The built-in editor will place a red line under any coding mistakes as well. The program provides a tool to aid you analyze your code and another to debug a URL or a server connection. ZendStudio provides the ability to connect to multiple remote SQL servers of different types such as MYSQL, Oracle, MSSQL and many other types of servers making the program ready for the production of advanced database driven websites and uploading them to remote FTP/SFTP servers using the integrated FTP/SFTP client. The program also has a built in web browser and provides an easy access to a complete PHP documentation.

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  • Still receiving official updates and support even after the launch of ver. 6.1


  • Expensive
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